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2020 Quick Reference Guide –The Vertiflex ® Procedure † Outpatient Hospital2020. The device comes in several different sizes, so that your specialist can choose the right fit for you. The Superion implant is unique because it comes in different sizes to accommodate the patient’s spine anatomy.

This outpatient procedure minimizes tissue damage and blood loss, allowing for a faster, more comfortable recovery.

The Superion spacer is put in place using a small tube the size of a dime.

It provides patients with a clinically proven, minimally invasive solution that is designed to deliver long-term relief from the leg and back pain associated with LSS. Designed to provide patients with a safe alternative to traditional surgery, the Superion implant gives patients an effective option when conservative treatments have failed and invasive surgery is too aggressive.

The minimally invasive approach preserves sensitive tissue in the back and is fully reversible. Our team of highly trained neuroscience and pain management specialists provides the most advanced and comprehensive range of treatment options in the region with one goal in mind — to help you or your loved one live healthy and pain-free. Unlike a fusion, the motion in the lower back (lumbar spine) is preserved. The implant makes space for the nerves, allowing you to stand and move without painful pinching. The Vertiflex Superion implant offers patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis a minimally invasive alternative to other, more intense surgical options, such as a laminectomy or spinal fusion. It fits your pain by reducing or eliminating the pressure on the nerves caused by LSS. Superion is minimally invasive alternative to major spine surgery for the treatment of symptomatic Spinal Stenosis - and it's reversible! What are the benefits from this procedure? The Superion implant works by holding the compressed vertebrae further apart, relieving the pressure placed on nerves and reducing inflammation. The Vertiflex Procedure is intended to provide the same relief you experience when leaning forward or sitting down. A Safe and Effective Treatment for LSS

The spacer is also available in several different sizes to fit your anatomy. The Vertiflex Superion interspinous spacer is an FDA approved, minimally invasive device that restores the space between vertebrae. This reduced tissue damage and blood loss. Minimally Invasive, Outpatient Implant Procedure VertiFlex Superion aims to change that and reduce that risk in a meaningful and impactful way by offering a new and innovative treatment solution that is both minimally invasive and highly effective. The Vertiflex® interspinous spacer is an implant that is placed between the vertebrae through a small tube the size of a dime. The Vertiflex Procedure is redefining the treatment of LSS for patients. LSS is caused by changes in the shape and size of the spinal canal. Unlike other surgical procedures, the implant preserves the range of motion in the lower back. What is lumbar spinal stenosis? Vertiflex Superion Implant The Vertiflex Superion implant offers patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis a minimally invasive alternative to other, more intense surgical options, such as a laminectomy or spinal fusion. Available in several sizes, the implant provides an optimal fit for each patient’s anatomy. The expandable Superion implant relieves pressure on the nerves affected by lumbar spinal stenosis. Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is a narrowing of the spinal passage caused by the natural degeneration of discs, typically as a result of aging. It … The minimally invasive approach minimizes post-procedure complications. Vertiflex is a minimally invasive approach to treating lumbar spinal stenosis, or LSS. This condition may also appear in younger patients, often due to developmental causes. The implant holds the vertebrae open, relieving pressure on the nerves in the spinal canal. Changes in the shape of the spinal canal can cause the compression of nerves in the lumbar spine, leading to lower body pain. Coding and Payment Guide for Medicare Reimbursement: The following are the 2020 Medicare coding and national payment rates for Interspinous Spacer procedures performed in the outpatient hospital setting. © 2018-2020 Segura Neuroscience & Pain Center. LSS occurs in the lower back and is a common cause of lower back pain, which can rigger leg pain and numbness.

This minimally invasive procedure is often recommended to patients who have not experienced adequate pain relief from conservative and interventional therapies for at least six months. The Superion spinal spacer from Vertiflex is a minimally invasive alternative to major spine surgery for the treatment of symptomatic spinal stenosis. Vertiflex Superion Testimonial – Lee Oubre.

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