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Commanders like Balck would soon expose just how wrong they were. General Huntziger dismissed Taittinger’s warning entirely. A lot of people have been wondering what the result to many wars between different countries would be. “The French artillery was silenced and the mood of our troops turned into one of jubilation.” The positive feelings didn’t last long, however, as Balck ordered his men to march into the teeth of highly defended, concrete-reinforced French bunkers. Britain have better trained troops, and would most likely win as the French would probably surrender. I imagine it would be a pretty short-lived war these days.
If we can smell their manure from here then nuclear fallout would have no problem drifting over either. Thailand vs. Vietnam. It wouldn't matter who started the war, Britain would almost certainly take out the Channel Tunnel, its too critical an access point to Britain and it leads straight into the heart of London.  Estonia Pacific Historical Review.

My adjutant, Braune-Krikau, a resolute and courageous man with a keen military mind, said ‘sir, that would lead to the destruction of the regiment.’ ‘No,’ I replied. Now what do I put after my name? France had desired a revolt against the governor of Salé to force repayment and avoid destruction of the city, but this did not occur. A war between these two near superpowers is like a fight between twins.

They believed the forested and mountainous terrain in the Ardennes precluded the use of armor, and, along with the Maginot defenses, felt that light forces could protect that part of the front. Poland vs. Porgutal. Do I need arms race figures for GCSE History? Both countries are in a constant state of war, but unlike SK, Israelies actually fight on a regular basis. edit: The political implications of such a war would be vast, and although a bit silly I understand you just want an answer as to who would win in Britain vs France. It is an incomplete list of French and proto-French wars and battles from the foundation of Francia by Clovis I, the Merovingian king who united all the Frankish tribes and northern Gallo-Romans in the 5th century, to … The war will continue 5 or more years without a clear victor and both sides will have to call it quits.

MINUSTAH  United States  Chile  Canada  France, France (2013–16) South Africa (2012–13) EUFOR RCA (2014–15), Lists of wars involving European countries. The war will probably last about 4 years ending with a reluctant peace treaty.
16. France was also the recognized global leader in artillery, and had a marked advantage over Germany in this regard. Axis.

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R2: Soviet Union gets the Lend Lease program help from the US. Radvanyi, Janos (1980).

Essential info for all Y12 and Y13 students here >>. (2009).

The U.S. simply has the most developed and prepared military in the world right now, and would likely garner the support of other advanced nations like the UK, Germany, and other European countries.

 Italy  China, Russian SFSR Italy helps Germany. The U.S. Military vs. Russia and China: Who Would Win World War 3? And in my mind if the Philippines decide to utilize this as an advantage then they will win the war.

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