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I only go to Timmies when I’m on a road trip! Welcome back for a visit to Canada.

As for #5, sorry but that is a REALLY good thing that you don’t have to worry about bears or cougars. With the US next door, Canada was safe from invasion, so it could trim back on defence spending. In the 1950s, with the sun setting on the British Empire, Canada hooked up with Uncle Sam. After that my language abilities took off and so did my new life.

Home is always the best, right? In the US, employers are not required to grant any vacation or holidays to their employees.

And as to the coffee: We do have awesome coffee in Germany, you can find it on every street corner! For more information on how we use cookies consult our revised, 39 of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the world, For the perfect day of hiking and Colombian coffee, head to Jardín, 40 European small towns that are straight out of a storybook, Attention travel industry: The Black Travel Alliance is just getting started, New GPS overlay maps Native lands when recreating outdoors. I arrived in Canada on an unbelievably cold Friday evening in January 1975, on my own, in a small WASP town in rural Ontario, where I had no family or friends to meet me. Here, you can do the course you want for nearly nothing.

I could smell alcohol on his breath’, ‘The beauty of San Francisco is the diversity’, ‘I struggled in the beginning but now I really love it’, Now wash your hands: The Irish soapmaker in England during a pandemic, An ethical approach to data will help unleash the potential of AI in the Irish public sector.

Canada works well for its native-born who tend to enjoy easy access to for-life-employment in the public and para-public services. Increasingly, their treatment by Canada is referred to as cultural genocide. And then there are those classic hikes that must periodically be repeated.

5. Out of the 373,224 retired Americans living abroad in 2013, 24,499 chose to move to Germany. Canada did well by riding the economic coattails of the emerging superpower. Of course I’m most excited to see family and friends, but as I started to think about it, there are a lot of other reasons that I’m really excited to be going back to Canada … This is unlike in Germany, where j-walking is also illegal and most people abide by the rules and do it at the crosswalk on the proper signal. Thanks for the A2A. Members can contribute their own experiences and views, Leila Islam, from Burtonport, Co Donegal, on life in the Spanish capital, where Covid infections are surging, Some of us have considered moving home completely, says swimming coach Debbie Teahan, In California, Oregon or Washington? Inuit who move south to escape third-world-standard drinking water and housing crises, become victims of rental discrimination and sink into alcohol and substance abuse. ‘In Canada, I’m a couch potato. Patrick McKenna: After two years, I learned enough French to ask someone out. However, some newcomers who arrive with a university degree struggle.

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