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If you consider settling in Belgium’s southern parts, French is the official language spoken by the majority of the population. Flemish belongs to the same linguistic family as Dutch and shares many similarities with it. The category depends on the purpose of your stay.

This area has adopted the English language as their main language of communication since there are so many expats and newcomers from all over the world. Brussels is, of course, one of the capitals of the European Union — hosting the European Commission, European Parliament, and the Council of the European Union — and home to the NATO headquarters. Brussels is well known for being the capital of the European Union. Government officials are, however, not the only foreign nationals moving to Belgium: in the wake of Brussels’ rise to international political significance, increasing numbers of multinational enterprises have been tempted by a move to Belgium, too. There are many visa categories for Belgium, which differ based on the purpose of your stay. In addition to your valid passport, several supporting documents are required, depending on the purpose of your stay. Processing times vary from weeks to months, but the administration fee is usually 180 EUR. In the northern region of Belgium, you will find primarily Flemish speaking Belgians, which share the same linguistic family as their northern neighbours – The Dutch.

The Belgian constitution is trilingual, which can be difficult for the different language and cultural communities. The residence procedure which a foreign national must follow depends on his nationality and on the duration and purpose of his stay in Belgium. To find out which type of visa you need, contact your nearest Belgian embassy.

All new cards contain a chip with biometric data (a photograph and two fingerprints). There are several categories of long-term visas for people moving to Belgium. The application process takes three to four weeks, and there is a fee of 60 EUR. What is not to love about the Belgian culture?! To apply, you need to fill out the appropriate application form and present it at the nearest Belgian embassy together with your passport, two passport photographs, proof of insurance cover, and sufficient financial means to support yourself during your stay. The free movement of persons applies within the European Union, making the residence rules for EU citizens much more flexible than those for the citizens of other countries. The country also boasts a highly developed and incredibly dense motorway network, which links it with other European routes and facilitates access to neighbouring countries. It is thus no surprise that the countless foreign politicians, diplomats, and civil servants active in Belgium’s capital have established English as the lingua franca of Brussels. German is only heard in two small enclaves on the German-Belgian border, where expats relocating to Belgium for professional reasons are rather unlikely to live. In principle, you should report to your new municipality within eight working days of your arrival in Belgium. Belgium has 3 official languages; French, Dutch and German. With one of the world’s highest standards of living and a great quality of life, expats moving to Belgium can take full advantage of its housing, healthcare, education and infrastructure. Belgium is a market leading country when it comes to mobile network coverage. Belgium is a relatively small country. While the entire nation prides itself on its international flair, it is mainly the Brussels-Capital Region which attracts foreigners moving to Belgium. There are some things you should consider before moving to Belgium. All foreigners intending to stay in Belgium for over three months must register with the local authorities within eight days of arrival. In this way, foreigners can have access to e-government applications and sign documents in an electronic fashion. Flemish and Walloons are the 2 regions where the biggest part of the population lives. It is therefore important to be informed about the rules and regulation regarding car insurances in Belgium. You will need car insurance when you have decided to relocate to Belgium and want to take your car with you. Belgium is in the top 20 of the happiest nations worldwide for some years now. The move to Belgium’s trilingual constitution is a fairly recent development — a first step towards creating a federal state. provide... Before you start working in Belgium, read this InterNations GO! If you are staying for a year or less it would be advisable to arrange a prepaid SIM card since you are not engaged in a long-term contract. If as a foreign national you wish to stay in Belgium for longer than three months, you must report to the municipality in which you are staying within eight days of your arrival. For countries outside the EU it is mandatory to acquire a visa. Luckily, the Belgians also speak relatively good English, therefore it is not a big problem if you are not fluent in those 3 languages. Contact us Our Belgium Guide encompasses vital info about languages, visa requirements, expat destinations, and more!

Expats in Belgium usually discover that their experience of the country largely depends on the language community they live in. There are some things you should consider before moving to Belgium. There are a lot of language schools if you want to learn Walloon or Flemish and they are in general not too expensive. As an expat, you need to organise certain registrations and insurances upon moving to Belgium. Finding an new partner in Belgium can be difficult at first. It also produces delicious chocolate and countless varieties of beer. Copyright © 2020 Belgian Federal Government, On 8 May, we commemorate the heroes of World War II #wewillmeetagain, Brexit: centralised information on the impact at the Belgian federal level, The environment: surfers leading by example, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. This is due to the autonomy of the three language communities as well as tensions between the French and Flemish parts of the population.

As the only officially bilingual region of the country, Brussels serves as the national capital as well as the seat of administration for both the French and the Flemish communities. However, the linguistic division still causes problems both on a political and cultural level. The Flemish draw a bit more on the Dutch and English-speaking culture and the Walloons more on French-speaking culture. You can enter and leave the Schengen area as often as you like. If you are not Belgian and you wish to move to Belgium, you must have the necessary residence documents. Take into consideration that the central areas of the cities are quite expensive, but also offer you the best Belgian experience.

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