operation weserübung timeline

German forces moving north from Oslo reach. The Altmark had been a supply ship for the pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee. The defensive aspect of an occupied Norway was to secure access to Swedish iron ore.[2], Strategically, Denmark's importance to Germany was as a staging area for operations in Norway, and of course as a border nation to Germany, which would have to be controlled in some way. As early as 1934 Hitler had connected the planned expansion of the German navy with the need to protect the Scandinavian ore trade. The cruiser Königsberg was still vulnerable at Bergen. The city itself fell without resistance, but the airfield at Vaernes was not captured on the first day. His replacement is, 19: The British 146th Brigade is forced to withdraw from, 20: German air raids ruin Namsos harbour for landing purposes. In the aftermath of the British retreat, the remaining Norwegian forces had no choice but to surrender.

[3], In the following note, Sweden declared it would maintain its neutrality, but reserved the right to all actions necessary to maintain it. Group 4, containing the cruiser Karlsruhe two torpedo boats and a number of motor torpedo boats would attack Kristiansand.

She was at sea to protect the forces that had been laying mines off Narvik. See also Swedish overseas trade during World War II. [5], This led to the Swedish government being a lot more responsive to the Supreme Commanders requests for heightened readiness. The result was deadlock. Hamar fell on 18 April, but on 20 April the Germans came into contact with the main remaining Norwegian force at Lillehammer.

Only now was Narvik attacked. 1: Hitler approves final plans for the attacks on Norway and Denmark. They were then rushed east to Lillehammer, arriving on the night of 19 April. Four were based near to Oslo, with the 5th at Trondheim and the 6th at Narvik. The failure of the Trondheim campaign triggered a two-day Parliamentary debate on 7-8 May. Initial plans are for a landing at Narvik, and success would rely on the acquiescence of Norway and Sweden. The attack to the west was also successful, and by 16 April the German forces in southern Norway were in contact with each other. This had several far-reaching consequences for Sweden, which was in effect cut off from trade with the western world and therefore more dependent on German goodwill. Soon after the start of the war, Raeder suggested that German should acquire submarine bases on the Norwegian coast, possibly with the aid of the Soviet Union. The first British ship involved in the mining of Narvik didn’t sail until 5 April, by which time the German operation was well underway. This idea was first proposed by Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, on 19 September, as a possibility if the Norwegians did not agree to stop the ore trade. 6: British Admiralty receives a report from Copenhagen stating ten German destroyers are headed towards Narvik, but considers the possibility of such an event doubtful. It also meant that an invasion of Sweden could be launched from almost any direction.

At Trondheim the Hipper became involved in a short duel with the coastal gun batteries guarding the entrance to the fjord as she led her destroyers past them at 25kts. For articles about the operation itself: On 9 April 1940, Germany successfully launched Operation Weserübung - a daring operation with the objective of simultaneously occupying Denmark and Norway, and staging a Coup d'état, in those nations. The two men had very different ideas about the upcoming campaign – Admiral Cork wanted to launch an amphibious assault as soon as possible, to take advantage of the naval victory of 13 April. Therefore, it began considering a blockade strategy in an attempt to weaken Germany indirectly. During the First World War the Royal Navy had been able to block the channel and the northern entrance to the North Sea to German shipping, and the blockade had played an important role in the final German defeat. On the morning of 8 April, British destroyers began laying mines close to Norway.

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