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Each page took me two days to write. Earlier this year, for example, a. After all, truisms require neither proof nor support because they are, by definition, self-evident. “It is like a square peg in a round hole,” says James Veneruso, who advises on retirement plans at consulting firm Callan.

LP: There are so many conflicts of interest, but here’s an example.

This in turn produces an IRR result that is implausibly high if it is being thought of as a rate of return that an investor actually earns. Ludovic Phallipou demonstrates his intimate knowledge of the industry with ease, citing historical transactions and firms throughout the text as well as creating easy-to-understand examples with fictional characters. © 2020 The Evidence-Based Investor. The future of private markets Ludovic Phalippou.

Large public pension funds have received a net Multiple of Money (MoM) that sits within a narrow 1.51 to 1.54 range. He runs Regis Media, a niche provider of content marketing for financial advice firms with an evidence-based investment philosophy. LP: As I’ve said, there’s now a strong momentum towards greater transparency. Earlier in my career, I was a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns and a portfolio manager-analyst at Lazard Asset Management. Does the basis include transaction costs? Private equity is a different beast from the mutual funds retirement savers are familiar with. According to the alternative assets data provider Preqin, it currently takes PE firms 11 months on average to raising a fund, compared with the 19 months it took them in 2010. There is at least some oversight in the mutual fund space, and there’s misleading information there.

Professor Phalippou’s analysis suggests that, net of fees, US public pension plans earned about $1.50 for every $1 invested in private equity funds between 2006 and 2015. An Inconvenient Fact: Private Equity Returns & The Billionaire Factory Ludovic Phalippou* University of Oxford, Said Business School Private Equity (PE) funds have returned about the same as public equity indices since at least 2006.

He specialises in private market investments with a focus on fee tracking, interest alignment, and return benchmarking.

Many PE firms seem to be ethical and try to minimise conflicts of interest, even if that costs them money. The chap doing PE there is the PE expert. All rights reserved.

PE managers often buy companies whole, financing the purchase with debt that ends up on the books of the companies themselves.

For example, from year 5 of the fund, it may be 2% of the cost of all the investments that are not exited (called the basis). Private Equity Laid Bare accomplishes the feat of reading like a easily accessible text while simultaneously serving as a highly informative source by Professor Phalippou. What Drives Private Equity Fund Performance?

LP: There is a whole spectrum, but there isn’t a non-profit PE firm which would be a Vanguard equivalent.

But, on the other hand, there’s also enormous lobbying and resistance.

For example, if you partially exit an investment, do you reduce the basis pro-rata or not (many do not change it at all)?

There’s roughly $5.6 trillion in such accounts, and the prospect of capturing even a sliver of it has the industry abuzz. Regulators in the Trump era have argued that retail investors should have broader access to a lot of investments previously limited to wealthy individuals and institutions.

We also find that private equity funds – like hedge funds -are exposed to tail risk.

Large private equity managers have disputed his findings. Private Equity (PE) funds have returned about the same as public equity indices since at least 2006. Phalippou is not the first academic to challenge the consensus view about the private equity industry, although he’s arguably becoming one of the most prolific; Phalippou … The bottom line is that there are myriad ways to tunnel money in PE. Cliffwater published a study that examined the investment returns of 66 large state pension plans.

RP: Why do think it’s taken so long — several decades, in fact — for the PE sector to start addressing these sorts of issues?

What Are the Sources of Investor Confusion? I draw upon more than 20 years of Wall Street experience to cover the investment banking industry. Over a ten-year period he estimates that investors paid around $230 billion in performance fees for returns that could have been matched by a tracker fund costing just a few basis points. Democrats have generally sought more regulation of financial products, and some have been critical of private equity, blaming it for loading up companies with debt and causing layoffs and bankruptcies. Ludovic Phalippou is Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School.

“But when you look at the returns numbers for the last decade… it’s hard to feel that there’s really been much alpha at all.”. He’s also seemingly unafraid to add a little panache to the dusty world of academia. Clearly, Apollo is not making this claim. “There’s been a huge influx of money into private equity,” said Professor Lerner. Why is this significant? For example, from year 5 of the fund, it may be 2% of the cost of all the investments that are not exited (called the basis). RP: Finally, how confident or otherwise are you that PE investing will eventually be given the same sort of scrutiny that we’re seeing in the mutual fund sector? Carlyle has accused Professor Phalippou of “selective engagement with the facts”. In effect, he suggests that the “big four” firms (Blackstone, KKR, Apollo, and Carlyle) benefit from a form of survivorship bias. Assuming an investment period of approximately four to five years, this 1.5x MoM implies an annual return of approximately 11% — precisely in-line with the buy-and-hold returns achieved simply from investing in relevant public equity indices during that period. Again, though, everything is secret and PE firms have excellent and creative lawyers.

Full disclaimer. In 2017, Yale reported a 20-year IRR for its venture capital investments of an extraordinary 106%. The industry also cites private equity’s diversification benefits, as well as the opportunities in the private markets as the universe of public companies shrinks. Phalippou, Ludovic, An Inconvenient Fact: Private Equity Returns & The Billionaire Factory (June 10, 2020). As investors in PE you need to promote the asset class even if you know that the arguments are based on shaky information.

His argument focuses primarily on the mathematical limitations of how investment returns are measured in the private equity industry, as well as what the appropriate benchmark should be. Joe could create a Company C and have that company charging all kind of services to Company Z (again, real or not).

He says there are also serious issues around transparency, both in terms of fees and the reporting of fund performance.

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