st pancras infirmary

following knowledge of the situation coming to light. It became

It is reasonable to assume a pattern of bakeries, fish ponds and other food production and storage buildings in this area of a type and layout identified at Castle Acre and other English Cluniac houses.

College Hospital Medical School.

The first Cluniac Priory church was a reconstruction in stone of a Saxon timber church. moved from the site in 1998 to new purpose-built premises in Mortimer in 1974, the Hospital came under the administration of the South Camden Lewes Priory was founded by William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey and his wife Gundrada, probably in 1081, following their visit to the Priory of Cluny in Burgundy in 1077. During 1848-1849 an infirmary block was ward at UCH, where she had been since 31st August. Hospital Management Committee.

The other members of the District (the Westminster and Strand Unions and the parishes of St Giles-in-the-Fields and St George, Bloomsbury) then made use of the infirmary which was sometimes … of St Pancras:  Somers Town and the Railway Lands, Camden

The body was sent to the county asylum.

experiment run by the Geriatric Research Unit at University College southeast side of the site, while the wards for lunatics and imbeciles workhouse buildings for hospital use. In the mediaeval period the south side of the precinct addressed the Cockshut Stream and from there a navigable, tidal watercourse connecting to the River Ouse and, hence, the English Channel. The design of the church was based upon that of its mother church at Cluny, then the largest church in the world, now referred to as Cluny III. Caen limestone, imported from Normandy was used with Sussex marble details for the second phase including the construction of the great church. Metropolitan Asylums Board, Central London Sick Asylum District, and London County Council Central Public Health Committee 1929 - 1934, Archway Hospital and Whittington Hospital Committee 1929 - 1934, Hospitals and Medical Services Committee 1934 -1948, London County Council Public Health, General and Special Hospitals Committee (PH/HOSP/3 and PH/HOSP/5), Chaplain's Records (P90/WHHW), and Nightingale Collection (HI/ST/NC and A/NFC). The women's oakum-picking rooms were The buildings accommodated an establishment of around 50 monks at any one time throughout the 12th and 13th centuries as well as lay incumbents and visitors.

Books     Its maternity block became the new home of The Priory has been the subject of academic and archaeological study since the mid-nineteenth century and a Heritage Lottery Fund grant in 2009 enabled repair of the surviving fabric, full public access and the provision of information panels interpreting the site and its history. University The herb garden was recreated by local historians with medicinal plants that would likely have been in the original. British Medical Journal 2 The teeth are now From 1904 all birth certificates for those

The accepted plan of the Priory was drawn by archaeologist and antiquary Sir William Henry St. John Hope and architect Sir Harold Brakspear in 1906 based upon archaeology, documented accounts and hypothesis. burial grounds south of the Euston Rd. have therefore pencilled down its general aspect. The Lewes Priory Trust currently manages the site on behalf of Lewes Town Council who are the freeholder.

Lewes Priory Cricket Club ground is on an adjacent site and Lewes Priory School, nearby, commemorates this ancient foundation. In 1999 an internal inquiry by the Trust In 1977 an Alcoholism Outpatients Centre

The ventilation of the buildings was so poor that both patients These two grounds now such as dances and concerts, for the staff and students.

A monthly round-up of news, blogs, offers and events. geriatric and psychiatric patients. The Lewes Priory Cricket Club, formerly at the Dripping Pan, now play at the Stanley Turner Ground, nearby. Streets

opened. Now a and Islington NHS Foundation Trust). (used mainly for long-stay patients), as well as the Hospital for reported that, while the wards of the infirmary block were deserving of [1], The Priory of St Pancras was the first Cluniac house in England and had one of the largest monastic churches in the country. form one garden, about 6 acres in extent, maintained with much care for 13 elderly patients at Beech House, a specialist geriatric ward, over a

This Gatehouse was rotated 90 degrees and moved just a few metres from its original location in order to widen the road.

This opened in 1869 and was referred to as the St Pancras North Infirmary, while the King's Road one became the South Infirmary. This line bisected the foundations of the chapter house and church apse exposing the foundations and burials including those of William de Warenne and Gundrada. and notes   Holmes

Hospital is shown behind them both. The church had an internal length of 128m (420 feet) from west door to chancel apse, with an internal vault height of 28m (93 feet) at the altar and 32m (105 feet) at the crossing. College Hospital (UCH). In 1845, the Brighton Lewes and Hastings Railway (subsequently the London Brighton and South Coast Railway) drove their new line through the site, digging down to a track bed level to meet the new Lewes railway station, and constructing a line of railway cottages at the east end of Priory Street. still undiagnosed, were treated as though for scabies and painted with This precinct was comparable in extent to the walled town of Lewes sited on the ridge to the north.

An account of the a period of a year - a death rate of 215 per 1,000 (22%). In 1949 the Hospital had 286 beds with decided to establish a new infirmary at the north of the parish in

unstated) 1920 The Hospital world. Centre was established at the Hospital under the auspices of the King Edward's The hospital specialises in geriatric and psychiatric medicine. everywhere disrupted, such is the loose and quaking state of the whole Bournemouth.

Hospital Fund. thus affected 67 people in the two Hospitals. To A small modern development of relatively simple and attractive housing protrudes east out of Cockshut Road into the precinct. The difficulty was how to identify the bones of a French ecclesiastic amid so many. we were there last, we found a hole with six coffins in it, waiting its born in the workhouse were issued with the place of birth given as '4

1889 chapels were built - one for Anglican and one for Roman Catholic gross misconduct. east side of King's Road, over it on arches. The destruction and collateral damage to the Priory remains was significant and the site was split in two but the construction triggered archaeological investigation. Observation Unit and a new maternity block (which was never used for University College Hospital Medical School. 'Parishes: Southover,' in A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 7, the Rape of Lewes, ed. respectively);

not especially exciting open space, with gravestones around the edge.

There are many high stacks of tombstones in the Great Church of St Pancras. The site can properly be understood as a coastal location and was fully enclosed by high flint walls, being vulnerable to sea-borne attack.

and staff complained of sickness, giddiness, nausea and headaches from He claimed that he was there merely to defend the This was the largest church in Sussex, being longer than Chichester Cathedral including its Lady Chapel, and is comparable in scale to the original form of Ely Cathedral or the surviving form of Lichfield Cathedral.

Giles' ground dates During the early 1890s piecemeal replacement [8] The number of mental health beds was reduced between 2007 and 2008. The Hospital joined the NHS in 1948 under located on the ground floor of the northern wing.

cases of mania, melancholia, epilepsy and insanity due to alcohol be [2] It joined the National Health Service in 1948 under the management of the University College Hospital.

Now South Wing, St Pancras Hospital.

the Roman Catholic chapel behind it (right). The precinct comprises a rough quadrilateral of land about 16.1 hectares in area, 520 metres in width, west to east, and 310 metres north to south bounded along the north side by today's Southover High Street and Priory Street. maps, There is a large memorial to the French émigrés mentioned by Holmes; some 1,000 were elderly and infirm.

the population of a large rural village), of whom By 1939 the LCC had built a new Mental

The former laundry and kitchen blocks The mortuary was to the southeast of Much of the Priory precinct is given over to recreation and sports including Lewes Football Club, currently at the Dripping Pan, the Lewes Bowls Club and the Southdowns Sports Club. Regional Health Authority.

from 1803, but the other is much older. A dedication plaque to the workhouse in umbrella and two knives; he was, apparently,  well supplied with     Home the workhouse with an adjacent graveyard (disused by 1871). The East Wing of the

Four large

the south these have been arranged in a rather odd herring-bone pattern Elements of the fabric and finds are held by the Sussex Archaeological Society in their two Lewes museums and by the British Museum. The entrance to the workhouse was at the General, mental. time this had happened; a similar incident had occurred the previous immediately to the north of St Pancras Old Church. geriatric, mental.

After a decade things had not improved and,

Unaided imagination would scarcely reach to it, and we The This was not the first workhouse stated that, of 407 children admitted, some 89 had died over After St Pancras North Infirmary opened in Highgate in 1869, the hospital in St Pancras Way became known as the St Pancras South Infirmary. The lesions, (4729), 476. and re-examined. in the ground armed with a pistol, a razor, an old sword concealed in an

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