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If you do this, it may take a couple of days for the replacement SIM card to arrive. Nano-to-Micro, Nano-to-Standard or Micro-to-Standard). If you’re outside the minimum term of your contract, consider instead moving over to one of EE’s SIM-only deals. In fact, when it comes to Tesco Mobile SIM only deals, you would be among a 5 million strong army. Simply order a replacement SIM card from the giffgaff website. If you’re a customer of Plusnet Mobile, it will cost £3.50 to get a replacement Micro SIM or Nano SIM (this also applies to anyone who previously signed up for LIFE Mobile). England and Wales company registration number 2008885. There are currently three different sizes of SIM card in use: If you’re changing handsets (e.g. If you've got an allowance now and you're going over it, or staying under, then that's also a decent measure of data needs. Thanks! The dimensions of a standard SIM card, micro SIM card and nano SIM card. Tesco Mobile has over 5 million customers and frequently performs well in customer satisfaction surveys. our in-depth guide on the different sizes of SIM card, use giffgaff’s online SIM swap functionality, Plusnet Mobile’s new 4G-enabled SIM cards, our comparison of the different SIM card types, our list of smartphones and the required SIM card for each one, PAC Codes: Transfer Your Mobile Number To A New Network, Unlocked Smartphones: Network Policies, How To Unlock & Where To Buy, How to replace your SIM Card with a Micro SIM or Nano SIM, Cancelling Your Mobile Phone Contract: Exit Fees & Alternatives, How To Use Up Your Remaining Pay As You Go Credit, iPhone 12 Deals on Sky Mobile: With Data Rollover, Free Sky TV Data & 5G, Free Pay As You Go SIM Cards: Listed, Reviewed & Networks Compared. To check if your phone is locked to your network, borrow a SIM from someone on another network. © This will cost £2.99 with Royal Mail first class delivery or £7.99 with priority next-day delivery. For customers on Orange, replacement SIM cards are available for free. Find out more. You can get a quote for the cost of the replacement SIM when calling iD Mobile. So read on to find out more about today's best Tesco Mobile SIM only plans. But if you like the freedom of being able to change month to month then a rolling one month contract might be better. Going for a SIM only deal, whether with Tesco or anybody else, lets you pop in a free SIM and enjoy more flexible plan options on a new or existing handsets allowing you to opt out when you need. Alternatively, if you’re not able to do this, you can contact iD Mobile customer services on 7777 (0333 003 7777 if you’re calling from another network). Hi Tehirah, If you’re switching from Standard SIM to Micro SIM, the only difference is the amount of plastic surrounding the metallic chip on your SIM card. Buy a SIM free handset and get a SIM card free. Find out how you can collect points, get vouchers and enjoy rewards for yourself, family and friends. Newer handsets typically require a Micro SIM or Nano SIM. For customers who are outside the minimum term of their contract, it may be better value moving over to one of O2’s SIM-only deals. This is because they now all provide three-in-one SIMs where you can simply pop out the Micro SIM or Nano SIM as necessary. To qualify for a free replacement, you should order the replacement SIM card online (it can take 3-5 working days for it to arrive). This will give you a new SIM card of the right size to fit in your handset and can save you money on your phone bill every month: Source: Vodafone Support If you’re inside the minimum term of your contract (e.g. Once you’ve received an adapter, do please take additional care. By continuing to access this website, you consent to the storing, accessing and sharing of this information. The quickest way to get a replacement is at your nearest Vodafone retail store (they can change your SIM card over in less than 15 minutes). Alternatively, the following table shows the required SIM card size for some commonly-used handsets: For more information, please see our in-depth guide on the different sizes of SIM card. If you’re outside the minimum term of your contract, you may be able to save money by switching to one of iD Mobile’s SIM-only deals. If you’re outside the minimum term of your contract, you should instead consider switching to one of Virgin’s SIM-only deals. It’s not possible to get a replacement SIM card from Virgin Media stores. Ken. The networks and third party sellers will let you choose which SIM you need or will simply send out a triple SIM, so you'll get one of each size. If you want to bring a number to Tesco Mobile from another operator, you’ll need to ask your old provider for a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC Code). Thanks. For this reason, it’s sometimes possible to cut down the SIM card yourself into Micro SIM dimensions. Source: Plusnet Community Forums Please let me know by e-mail when there is a reply to my message. We also explain how you can keep you current number and we answer plenty more questions besides. For customers who are outside the minimum term of their contract, we recommend switching to a new SIM-only deal. This costs £7.99 a month and while it rewards you with 10% discounts on two shops each month, the more interesting benefit comes on your phone. You can get one from your nearest Tesco Mobile Phone Store or you can call Tesco Mobile Customer Services on 4455 (0345 301 4455 if you’re calling from another mobile network). If you’re slightly more daring, you can also follow DIY instructions to cut your own Micro SIM with a ruler and a pair of scissors. The easiest way to do this is by purchasing a specialist Micro SIM Cutter (available on Amazon for about £5). You can get one from your nearest Tesco Mobile Phone Store or you can call Tesco Mobile Customer Services on 4455 (0345 301 4455 if you’re calling from another mobile network). Customers receiving a SIM card through the post will need to use O2’s SIM swap tool. Then you can continue using the phone and new SIM as if on your old number where nobody will know the difference. This will explain in more detail the differences between Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM. Handset not shown? It'll cost you a bit more, and requires a 30-day notice period, but for that freedom it could be worth it. Here's what you need to know about unlocking your phone, by network. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Now you're in the know, scroll back to the top of the page to get hold of the Tesco Mobile SIM that suits you. The fastest way to get a replacement SIM card is by visiting your nearest Carphone Warehouse store. I feel let down by Carphone Warehouse for not informing me about the nano sim cards. You’ll also be able to access 4G (something that’s not currently available if you originally signed up for LIFE Mobile). When you first bought your Tesco Mobile phone or SIM card, you would have received details of your PUK. Tesco offers some additional benefits when it comes to both phone contracts and SIM plans if you sign up to its Tesco Clubcard Plus scheme. 176 comments. In general, however, we’d strongly recommend against doing this as a broken or badly-cut Micro SIM can cause damage to your handset. You can request a replacement SIM card by calling Plusnet Mobile customer services on 500 (or 0800 079 1133 if you’re calling from another mobile network). Source: BT Mobile Customer Help Tesco Mobile offers two types of SIM only contract: rolling monthly or yearly. If you've ever dreamed of keeping your phone connected with lots of included data, minutes and texts – but minus the contract – then SIM only is for you. If you’re inside the minimum term of your contract, Three will provide you with a replacement Micro SIM or Nano SIM free of charge. If you’re switching to a nano-sized SIM card, please be aware that it isn’t possible to cut your regulation Nano SIM. And if you're not sure that Tesco is the right network for you, then see what the other networks have to offer in our guide to the best SIM only deals. If not, you can replace your current SIM card with either a smaller Micro SIM or Nano SIM. You can also obtain a replacement SIM card for £5.11 at your nearest Three retail store (though the staff will often waive this charge if you tell them you’re changing to a smaller-size SIM card). The All About Symbian website has a great report on the different types of SIM card slots and the potential damage from adapters. Mobile Data: How Many Gigabytes Do You Need & How Long Will It Last? If you aren’t able to visit an O2 store in person, you can alternatively call O2 Customer Services to have a SIM card sent out to you in the post (dial 202 if you’re a Pay Monthly customer or 4445 if you’re on Pay As You Go). Tariff Information: Vodafone Website. So if you've been gifted a phone, reached the end of your contract or perhaps just splashed out on the latest smartphone, then a Tesco MobileSIM only deal could be a great option.

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