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Legos! Many school communities feel overwhelmed by the work in front of us. All the relentless activity of early childhood may very well be a sort of intrinsic wisdom built into them, because movement is key to keeping an active brain. It is described in one of my past posts linked here. As for friends, my kids kept many of their school friends.
We believe that it’s time to revolutionise the way our education system works and to bring about this change , we’re starting from scratch.

As for your dreamy image of having access to a part-time Sudbury type school, I suspect this is closer than you think. Change ). I get so frustrated because we easily get behind in our studies. If you are interested in direct coaching support or lighter-touch advising email The dates may not be very exacting, but it’s a foregone conclusion of archeologists, anthropologists, and other experts that the hunter-gatherer stage dominated 99 percent of human existence on Earth. In the long view, school is the experiment. Inclusion Innovators. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They offered my children a route to maturity they couldn’t have found in school among kids similar to themselves. For example, if baby encounters a toy she’s never seen before, she will investigate to figure out the best way or a number of different ways to use it. He learns every day with his sister, me, my family that’s nearby and through our rich, screen-free environment! Honestly, I have had two blissful years at Transcend. The Canopy project allows education leaders, school designers, and researchers to see both the “trees”—individual schools—and the whole “forest” of schools that are innovating. We also encourage you to leverage examples in the Library of School Designs and Resources as you get into planning, so that you aren’t building from scratch. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What I can say was one of the most important factors is that Robert really hones in on what the student needs help with and does not waste time on what the student is proficient at. The Great Pyramid of Giza wasn’t built until around 2,500 BC. Then, build on this foundation to complete 8 key components of your plan for the coming school year. I almost hate to post this because I have more children and I don't want to share Robert! Ofqual regulated awarding organisation for active leisure, learning and wellbeing. I’m curious. My youngest is still being nurtured at home, she has special needs and will follow in her sister’s footsteps. If you are interested in direct coaching support or lighter-touch advising email ( Log Out /  They also made more as we widened our circle of acquaintances. Transcend's ESD370C/ESD350C portable SSD is net zo groot als je handpalm, beschikt over een elegante, marine blauwe siliconenrubberen behuizing die duurzaam, robuust en schokbestendig is. MASTERY. Even high-achieving students, when asked, say they’d prefer popularity over academic success. Meanwhile, we see this: Thanks Laura for helping the rest of us keep perspective. I thought this was great.

Something that should serve as the guide to the core curriculum of alternative education.

I realized how much my children were learning in spite of me. But there’s very limited evidence that all this effort, time, and money results in learning of any real value. In my book, Free Range Learning, I quoted from SelfDesign: Nurturing Genius Through Natural Learning and linked to your organization.

I daresay you might also be interested in knowing more about the learning program of which I am a co-founder: SelfDesign Learning ( and also my book, Learn Your Way! Additionally, unlike most tutors, Robert is amazing at boosting a student's confidence and really making them believe they can do their best.

We think of Egyptian mummies and Inca tribes, and maybe a brief early phase as the “cave men” although that term is woefully incorrect. Playful absorption in any activity is on one side in opposition to work and learning on another. Small (4-8 student) learning groups, or PODs, foster a unique synergy and accountability. Both my girls ended up scoring in the 99th percentile after prepping with Robert. Her poetry appears in such places as Verse Daily, J Journal, Neurology, Literary Mama, and Penman Review. Schools exist and have existed for many centuries.

But it’s hard to see beyond the school mindset because most of us went to school in our formative years. And sometimes asked how he learns outside of school. That keeps her interest high and surely boosts comprehension as well. Thank you for sharing. learn more. My son is having problems with reading and math but yet, can tell you a good bit about Alexander Graham Bell. We look forward to meeting.

Humans didn’t cultivate wheat until around 9,000 BC.

(For more check out these two marvelous and very different books: Free to Learn by Peter Gray and A Playful Path by Bernie DeKoven.). Transcend Awards. She also leads workshops on memoir, poetry, and creative thinking for Cuyahoga County Public Library, Literary Cleveland, and elsewhere. This is brilliant, as usual. One word summation? Thank you for this great article! I am very careful to back up my assertions with data, hence all the links in this piece. Transcend and the Association of School Administrators, the nation’s oldest and largest educational leaders organization, have joined together to highlight inspiring and actionable stories of leadership from across our education system: young people, families, educators, principals, superintendents and other system leaders, non-profits, business, policy-makers, and more. I did not push my girls to go to college, they excelled in all the college prep tests and this is what they chose to do, they are both A students, who still think for themselves. verb: be or go beyond the range or limits: surpass, excel, exceed, outshine, eclipse Transcend was founded in 2012 and was the first parent led peer support network and information hub for transgender children and their families in Australia. I hope there is a spiritual grounding in this most remarkable way to live a simple, humble life. Today was my son’s “graduation”. Below you’ll find a playbook of these tools and guidance to help you develop a Recovery to Reinvention Plan. The school mindset separates what is deemed “educational” from the rest of a child’s experience. Transcend’s aim is to help ease the load through tools and guidance you can immediately use as you prepare for the fall and beyond.. Below you’ll find a playbook of these tools and guidance to … Totally agree Kate.

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