what not to wear in italy

Skirts like this layered with tights are also adorable and easy to wear.

We bring ours everywhere and it has been a lifesaver more than once. You’ll blend in more, stay warm, and look great all at the same time.

20 Northern Italy cities you should visit.

I definitely made a few fashion mistakes during my visit, but I had so much fun doing so. For tops, choose something with a bit more to it than a basic t-shirt–while you can stay quite casual, think something with a bit of structure or pretty detailing, If they’re your style, spring is a great time to break out pretty skirts, Dark, skinny jeans are always in style and make a great combo with a brighter top–I have, Spring is a great time to wear booties or, If you’re more of a comfort-over-fashion person, a sleek, subtle pair of tennis shoes, Winter may be over, but you’ll still want a jacket during a spring trip to Rome: consider something simple and easy to pack, However, skirts are also a great option during the summer in Rome. I should have read this BEFORE I went to Rome! One of my favorite things about traveling in Rome is its layers. At least bring some pain killers, you don’t want to have to be worried about where the nearest pharmacy is just because you have a headache. You'd never guess, for example, that behind the stately-yet-subtle facade of the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj sits this gorgeous (and practically empty) art gallery .

Plus, since Romans tend to dress according to the season, you’ll see plenty of traditional winter wear like coats and boots on the street.

You’ll stick out as a tourist for sure. It can get very hot in the sun, so you won’t want to forget this one! You’ll definitely want to wear a hat in Rome during the summer!

Click here for more information about this Travelon shoulder bag. I highly recommend you print off this what to pack for Italy checklist and tick the items off as you’re packing for Italy so you don’t forget anything.

Again, consider an anti theft backpack like this one from Pacsafe with built in security features.

If you’re looking for a mobile hotspot to use while travelling in the EU, look no further than Rent n Connect. Fall–particularly late September through early November–is our favorite time of year to travel in Italy, and Rome is no exception.

. Warm sweater dresses like this one and this one, layered with fleece-lined leggings, are a great way to stay warm during winter in Rome without compromising on style! Bring any medication you may require.

Think something, Like in spring, dark, skinny jeans are always in style in Rome and make a great option when you’re deciding what to wear in Rome during the fall.

This can also double as a beach bag if you don’t want to bring separate bags. ), Rome in Winter: 21 Reasons to Visit + Tips, What to Do in Rome at Night: 14 Exciting Ideas, Our Tasty Trastevere Food Tour + Why to Take One. A fan of skirts?

Trying to decide what to wear in Rome can be a surprisingly daunting task, especially if you’ve never been there before! If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Bring a charger to keep all your electronics fully charged throughout your trip.

It’s not necessarily entirely common for men to be turned away for wearing shorts that hit at the knee–you’ll see men in standard shorts in churches throughout Italy–but it is a possibility, so before you jump in the giant line at St. Peter’s Basilica, consider throwing on some pants.

Check out this best seller phone pouch here.

When you feel good you look good and confidence is the most important thing you can pack. Want to blend in without packing too much in Rome during the fall? Spring evenings in Rome can still be quite cool, so consider bringing a couple of pairs of tights with you to layer under your dresses as needed–they’re very popular in Rome!

Something like this is a great choice. I adore wearing dresses in Rome: they’re fashionable, they’re easy to make into a put-together outfit, they’re simple to pack, and they’re fun to wear. It’s such an incredible place.


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If there’s one word to keep in mind when deciding what to wear in Rome during spring, it’s layers: you’ll likely experience some warm days during your trip to Rome, but especially early in spring, cool nights are still common.

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