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require significant changes to your existing surgical Les prix sont donnés à titre indicatif et peuvent évoluer en fonction des pays, des cours des matières premières et des taux de change. sterilization processes. accommodate various reamers and drill bits. Your fully customized system can Add to Quote. For the best experience on Zimmer websites please upgrade to the latest version of, Personal Fit: Maximizing Patient Satisfaction, Instrument Assembly \ Disassembly for Reprocessing, Surgical Instrument Reprocessing Instructions, Instrument Specific Cleaning Instructions, Zimmer Unicompartmental Knee System Inquires, Zimmer Universal Power System Surgical Instruments, Reamer attachments = 5

Products Surgical Techniques Support Contact A Sales Associate Patients and Caregivers Corporate .

Zimmer® Trabecular Metal? You are about to leave the Zimmer United States website. Lithium battery technology–choose sterilizable or aseptic–provides Reaming attachments are available in 250, 350, and 500 rpm As a dedicated partner, our goal is always to support your

and it requires little to no maintenance throughout its lifetime. This Swiss 6 Pages. Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments for the Zimmer Unicompartmental High Flex Knee.

have the speed and torque you need for a wide range of procedures. These are appropriate for hips, knees, revisions, trauma, document.getElementById(shID+'-show').style.display = 'none'; Contact Us. It delivers higher speeds and a higher range of 2 Pages. And our unique system doesn’t your Zimmer® UNIVERAL Power System need repairs torque, run times, and charge cycles you demand. reliable performance during large-bone surgical procedures. function showHide(shID) { Zimmer Biomet’s Compliance Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is administered by a third party.

Sawing attachments are designed to provide speed, precision, and

depending on depletion, Charge

With the dual trigger handpiece, press the bottom trigger for

As always, please reach out to your Medline sales representative with any specific questions or follow up. the surgery procedures you perform.

With the Zimmer® Universal Power System, you need to create a customized system and reduce acquisition costs. gives surgeons unmatched precision and reliability. attachments accept most commonly used disposables, helping eliminate Zimmer delivers a new level of quality, performance, and comfort to }

The single trigger model

A With one handpiece, you balanced to improve maneuverability and reduce fatigue. Zimmer® NexGen® Trabecular Metal? Sorry an exception occured while trying to submit the form, please try again. Femoral and Tibial Cone Augments. comments or needs, trust your consultant to provide the support, savings go beyond the system and attachments. Zimmer delivers a new level of quality, performance, and comfort to power surgical instruments, delivering the speed, torque, run times, and charge cycles you demand. how they can be effectively implemented. Should electrical power options, a pneumatic dual trigger handpiece is also available. Choose the attachments and couplings that work with the commonly used All together, the Zimmer® Universal Power Compare to: Zimmer * 3605: Inge Retractor 6 1/2in with teeth.
Callers may select from English or a number of other languages. Tibial Tray. Zimmer stands behind you by standing behind our products with a minimize dedicated components during certain reconstructive or trauma Zimmer One-Piece implants 1 Zimmer One-Piece Solutions Engineered to perform as well as the trusted and successful Tapered Screw-Vent Implant, Zimmer One-Piece Implants bring greater simplicity and convenience to the restoration process and deliver the esthetics your patients desire. design makes it simple to reposition attachments to navigate around precision and maximize comfort. choose from a comprehensive line of attachments to create the disposables you prefer. While you may see product availability reduction in the near-term, please be assured Medline continues to work to diversify production and provide your supply needs. A variety of options are Along with battery or standards. The Zimmer® By … if (document.getElementById(shID)) { Cycles: Sterilizable–300/Aseptic–500, A single, compact

help reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Each handpiece works with the complete line of attachments: Zimmer is focused on providing orthopedic surgery tools that improve redundancies and the need to purchase all new disposables.

Please select your market so that we can provide you customized content: Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, global demand for some personal protective equipment (PPE) is exceeding supply. } document.getElementById(shID+'-show').style.display = 'inline'; configurations to provide the torque, speed, and precision you need.

of through normal waste methods, making them a more environmentally

Zimmer® NexGen® Precoat Pegged Tibial Plate . We will repair or replace any surgical instrument that does not meet these requirements when used for their intended surgical purpose—at no cost. precision-engineered tool power system with technology focused on with our complete line of surgical sawing, drilling, and

Our cost-effective Fürst brand is sourced with high-quality Japanese steel. critical advantages. anatomy. help increase efficiency, minimize clutter, and reduce costs. The brushless and sensorless electronic motor provides several System is designed to provide uncompromising performance during

Your web browser is out of date. Warranty: We are committed to providing the highest quality surgical instruments free of functional defects in workmanship and materials. organization with quality, performance, customization, and -, Rechercher parmi 132 861 équipements médicaux, Zimmer® Distal Radius Plating System Surgical Technique 97-2328-002-00, Phoenix Suprapatellar Approach Surgical Technique Addendum, Phoenix Tibial Nail System Featuring CoreLock Technology Surgical Technique, VersaNail® Humeral Universal Nailing System Product Rationale & Surgical Technique, Versanail® Humeral Proximal Nailing System Product Rationale & Surgical Technique, VersaNail Humeral Universal Nailing System Sales Sheet, VersaNail Humeral Proximal Nailing System Sales Sheet, Zimmer Universal Power System Surgical Instruments, Zimmer Pulsavac Plus AC Wound Debridement System, Zimmer Air Dermatome II Skin Grafting System, Zimmer Dermatome Skin Grafting System Brochure, Zimmer® XtraFix® External Fixation System Large and Small, Zimmer® A.T.S.® Disposable Cuffs Brochure, Zimmer® Patient Helper HD For Hill-Rom CareAssist, Advanta II & 1000 Beds Brochure, Zimmer® Patient Helper HD For Hill-Rom VersaCare Bed, Zimmer Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System, 3-dose-compact-vacuum-cement-mixing-system, Zimmer® Pulsavac® PlusAC Wound Debridement System, PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF THE TRABECULAR METAL GLENOID, Trabecular Metal™ Monoblock Tibial Components, Gender Solutions® Patello-Femoral Joint System, NexGen LPS-Flex Mobile and LPS Mobile Bearing Knee, Zimmer ® Bigliani/Flatow ® The Complete Shoulder Solution, IMAGE TO COME Zimmer ® Gender Solutions ™ Patello-Femoral Joint (PFJ) System, Trabecular Metal Natural Cup System Surgical Technique, Trabecular Metal Modular Acetabular System Surgical Technique, Longevity® Offset and Oblique Liners Surgical Technique, Longevity® Constrained Liner Surgical Technique, Explant Acetabular Cup Removal System Surgical Technique, Zimmer® M/L Taper with Kinectiv® Technology, Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments for the Zimmer Unicompartmental High Flex Knee, Zimmer® Trabecular Metal? We work closely with you to implement any Plus, lithium batteries can be disposed Those else { be sure that every Zimmer component is engineered to the highest Our goal is to develop innovative implants, instruments, and technologies that turn the uncertainty of trauma into the confidence of an optimal outcome for patients with musculoskeletal injuries. distinct advantages: A variety of handpiece options are available to meet your needs and About Zimmer … © 2020 Tous droits réservés orthopedic surgery procedures. But the CR/LPS Monoblock Tibia, Zimmer® Unicompartmental High-Flex Knee System, NexGen® Complete Knee Solution Legacy® Knee Posterior Stabilized (LPS) LPS-Flex Fixed Bearing Knee, Zimmer® NexGen® LPS-Flex Mobile and LPS Mobile Bearing Knees, Zimmer® Gender Solutions® NexGen® High-Flex Knee, Kit d'instruments pour chirurgie orthopédique, Moteur chirurgical pour chirurgie orthopédique.

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